Sunday, June 14, 2009


Fascism abhors a vacuum. When the Jews toughened up, and turned into fighting machines called Israelis, they left an empty space. The world has moved Indians into this space. When Indians travel abroad we are looked upon with suspicion, resentment or outright hatred. A friend who traveled abroad for the first time returned crestfallen over the lack of courtesy shown to Indians. If Shakespeare started his writing career today, he would have used the name Shyamsunder instead of Shylock.

The Indian-Jew parallels are eerily similar. Both races were immigrants to different parts of the world. They worked hard and not always honestly. They were ruthless in their business dealings and preserved their ethnicity zealously. They grew wealthy. Wealthier even than their hosts. In Nazi Germany, much before Adolf Hitler came on the scene, Jews were being attacked on the streets. Much like Indians in modern Melbourne.

The intensity of hatred for Indians is surprising, and we won’t go into the clich├ęs of “a few hoodlums are picking on Indians” and “all Australians are not like that”, It looks like the Taliban have a hotline to Australian hotheads and are giving them tutorials on how to terrorize soft targets.

Women are to the Taliban what Indians are to the Aussies which is why I use the word ‘Talibanaussies’. The Taliban do not tolerate women being seen in public places. The Talibanaussies do not tolerate Indians being seen in public places. The Taliban use their rifles to beat the women and have killed couples they felt were not related to each other by blood or marriage. None dared protest. The Talibanaussies use screw drivers, cardboard cutters, fists and feet to make their point. None of the Australians present protested.

The Taliban will not tolerate women speaking in loud voices in public. The women are silenced with rifle-butt whippings, fists and kicks. None dare to protest. Talibanaussies cannot tolerate Indians speaking “Asian” among themselves. The Indians are silenced with physical attacks and abuse.

The Taliban chop off the fingertips of women who wear nail polish. The Talibanaussies stab Indians carrying cell phones and i-pods.

The Taliban will not allow women the right to education. They blow up schools and beat up schoolgirls. The Talibanaussies do not want Indians to have the right to education in Australia, even though they are paying through the nose for it.

The silence and fear of the rest of the Afghans and Pakistanis spur the Taliban on to greater shows of sadism. The excuses that the Australian police mouth, “Indian students should not speak loudly in their native language” and “Indian students are soft targets because they carry expensive gadgets”, spur the Talibanaussies to continue wreaking mayhem on those who cannot afford to fight back because their future is at stake.

The Taliban are a bunch of criminals. 22 percent of today’s white Australians are descendants of convicts who were banished from Britain to Australia for petty crimes.

There are 90,000 Indian students in Australia. Only 5,000 turned up for a peace rally. Indians have to unite to protect themselves or force the Australian authorities to return their fees and pay for their passage home. The Australian economy is already weak. If Indians boycott Australia, the Aussie economy will literally go down under.


Rohit said...

Indians have to Unite no doubt- but when a person goes to a foreign land, he has to abide by the laws there- or leave.I ITs not HIS country. Perhaps an en masse Migration of the Indian think tank from AUs back home would drive the point home real nice, but we would never do that because-
1- "Foreign Girl" means less Dowry or a good groom
2- "Foreign return Boy" is a majr status symbol
3- Australia is a place where one can make good money- WE've all literally sold our souls to the currency devil

And before the racism row dies down quietly here are some other interesting instances of racism

1- A South Indian who goes abroad is called "Saala Madrasi"
2- A Pretty Girl who comes from Assam/ Manipur etc are called "Chingi's"
3- Mr Raj Thackeray's speech on marathi Manoos was Scary but seemed to strike a cord with the audience at large
4- A Guy coming down south to study is called a "Northie" and generally not included in the peer goup

5- SC/ST has been a burning issue that has lasted more than a generation and reservation is one law that essentially says its ok to be racially biased or biased based on caste.

When we complain about others being racist, it does feel a bit likt the pot calling the kettle black

ujus'gottalaugh said...

True, but when one pays for a service in a foreign country, i.e. education, one expects to be treated fairly.