Thursday, June 19, 2008

‘Enough’ is a good word

I would vote for anyone who used the word “Enough” as their slogan. Life would be so much better if everyone learned to use the word enough. It’s a good word. Enough. I have robbed and cheated enough people to support two generations of my family, now I will stop. Enough.

I have destroyed enough hills and fields with constructions that my neighbours will never afford to buy. I have made enough for six generations of my family, now I will stop. Enough.

I have taken enough bribes and kickbacks, passing illegal structures, dangerous structures and destroying evidence. There is enough in my banks and vaults to keep my great grandchildren in luxury. Now I will stop. Enough.

I have dug out enough from the earth of Goa, I have destroyed enough hills and fields and once deep sparkling rivers are now sluggish muddy streams, but I have made enough for my children and their grandchildren to live a great life abroad. Now I will stop. Enough.

I have taken enough money to look the other way, there’s enough for two generations. Now I will stop. Enough.

I have not done my job properly for years, demanding and getting pay increases. My children and grandchildren will be guaranteed a government job. Now I will start doing the job I have been employed to do. Enough.

I have always lived in a universe peopled by one. I will open my eyes and see that there are billions in my universe and we all need to pull together, so that billions in the future can live comfortably. Now I must start thinking of cause and effect. Enough.

I will stop playing with people’s lives and futures in order to win a seat in the Assembly. I have gathered enough of a fortune for generations to come. Enough. Now, let me do the job the electorate have trusted me to do.

I will stop expecting free lunches, it’s getting me nowhere. I will now earn my daily bread and enjoy doing it. I will stop blaming everyone else for my failures. Enough.

I will stop throwing plastic bags full of my garbage into rivers and fields and lonely corners. It may kill me one day, or my children or grandchildren. It’s killing Goa anyway. I will stop. Enough.

I will stop sitting in my balcao and saying they are all so corrupt, we can do nothing. It is time to get out there and right the wrongs that are taking place under my nose. I will stop renting out my premises to a paedophile, a pimp, a terrorist or a drug lord. I will report them to the police and throw them out. The wads of cash I earn from rent cannot wipe away the tears of the innocent. Enough.

I will stop using my knowledge of terrible things that are taking place in Goa to entertain others at parties and other functions. I will stop talking. I will now act. If I cannot actually take to the streets, I will join others who do. Talk is cheap. No more talking. Enough.

And finally. This column is meant to be a mirror to the comic irony of life. This is not comic. I will stop. Enough.

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