Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MLAs’ Collective Conscience goes on holiday

The events of the week were a bit too much for me. A holiday in Ibiza was what I needed. There was a sudden commotion next to me in the Departures Lounge of Dabolim and a whole lot of weak inner voices sat down. It was the Collective Conscience of the elected representatives of Goa.

“You should not be here; you should be in the hearts and minds of the MLAs,” I said.

“Ah shut up, we’re going on a holiday,” it said.

“Typical, when you are needed most, you take off on a holiday,” I said.

“Listen there’s just so much we can do. All their lives they have just listened to us in fits and starts now they have ignored us completely,” it said.

“So? Hang in there and fight. Shout louder,” I said.

“Why are you going then,” it asked.

“This latest development was too much for my mind to wrap itself around,” I said.

“So you are running too?” it sneered.

“Listen, you are not my conscience, you are theirs. Friends are ringing me up and emailing from all over the country and world and laughing at me,” I said.

“Everyone is laughing at Goa and Goans,” it said.

“Can’t blame them for thinking we’re all mad; we keep electing clowns to represent us,” I said.

“Digamber is talking about the government being in the saddle, but they’re all balancing on top of each other on the saddle while the GDA has taken the horse away,” it said.

“He says he has aces,” I said.

“Come on everyone knows this is a different pack made up of 40 jokers only,” it said.

“Monday and Tuesday will be crucial days, though, they might get Victoria back,” said Victoria’s Conscience.

“You must have taken the greatest beating,” I said.

“Oh, yes, but it didn’t really surprise me, you never can tell with her,” it said.

“Ah well, she must be practically under lock and key with the GDA,” I said.

“See that shivering thing there? That’s her son Rudolf’s conscience. As long as he’s out there negotiating, everything’s wide open,” it said.

“What about Anil Salgaocar; his family are known Congress supporters,” I said.

“He is not important, watch out for Babu Azgaonkar, Micckey, Panduram Madkaikar and Digambar Kamat himself,” it said.

“What happened to all that tough talk and abuse heaped on the Opposition?” I asked.

“You never learn do you? Talk is cheap. They even talk of marriage,” it said.

“They keep changing partners, it’s hardly a marriage,” I said.

“That’s marriage; it’s one big marriage with the government and the opposition as the two partners,” it said.

“So they get married and Goa gets screwed,” I said.

“Now you’re learning,” it said.

“I’m curious about Parrikar’s concience, where is it?” I asked.

“Oh that one’s already sipping margaritas in Ibiza. It applied for citizenship the minute Parrikar said he would never work with the Monserrates way before the elections,” it said.

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